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I've just posted the last narrated section of "The Connie Maxwell Story" documentary. This is a brief segment that covers the presidencies of Randy Harling, James Wright, and the current president, Danny Nicholson. One of the reasons it appears to be so brief is that this segment will be supplemented with comments from the presidents themselves.

As always, if you see any inaccuracies in the content or images for this segment, please let me know. The primary reason for having this site and posting these rough cuts has been to take advantage of the collective knowledge of Connie Maxwell alumni and staff to make sure the documentary is accurate.

Two girls sitting on a bed with dolls
Connie Maxwell girls in their room

So what comes next? The next version of this production you will see will be one that combines all of the segments and includes comments from numerous people who either lived some of this history themselves or are very knowledgeable about Connie Maxwell's history. Some images, video, music, and narration may change from what you've seen in these rough cuts so far.

You will also see the final credits for this video. I have been blessed to have many people and sources to help with this production and you will see those credited. For the last few segments, I was particularly blessed to have access to footage shot for previous promotional videos. I will do more extensive acknowledgments in a future post but I do want to mention here the work of Ferncreek Creative of Greenville and the company's generosity in allowing me to use footage from a 2012 production the organization did for Connie Maxwell.

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