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Hope Out of Grief

This short segment of the rough cut of The Connie Maxwell Story will give you a small taste of the documentary as it is developing. This section tells the story of the Maxwell family and how seven-year-old Connie succumbed to scarlet fever in 1883.

Many of you who lived, worked or visited at Connie Maxwell Children's Home in Greenwood, S.C. have probably seen the original color portrait of Connie that was painted when she was very young as well as the newer portrait that depicts her closer to the age at which she died. In this sequence, you'll see the original photographs on which the first portraits of all three Maxwells were based.

I will be posting various sequences on a pretty regular basis in the coming days and weeks. I'm not trying to spoil the documentary for anyone but am interested in any feedback that you as a reader might want to give. I'm especially interested in any additional resources you might be aware of that could enhance the video. For instance, related to the sequence, if there are other photographs of the Maxwells available or if someone has a connection to a Maxwell relative who may still have family memorabilia from the family, I would love to hear about it.

As you watch, just remember that as a rough cut, this isn't a final edit. There will likely be changes. The narrator's voice is mine at this point but I will likely record a professional once I am satisfied with the flow of the entire project.

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